Focused. Proven. Passionate about nuclear energy.

Framatome is a well-known brand and a unifying name with a solid reputation in the industry that has international reach. For decades, we have and continue to be involved in the design and manufacturing of nuclear power plants and associated services, components, fuel, and instrumentation and control systems.

At Framatome, our people and their expertise drive the company. That expertise and operational excellence are at the heart of our strategy.

Framatome has a strong presence in the U.S. nuclear energy market, helping power 36 million American homes. As a reliable partner with a long history of proven performance, we focus on servicing and fueling the U.S. operating nuclear fleet as well as supporting new nuclear builds, and advancing the future of nuclear energy here and abroad. Framatome and its predecessor organizations have been serving the nuclear energy industry in the United States since the 1950s. Over time, we have serviced every nuclear energy facility in the United States.

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Current Job Openings

Job Title location
Access Control Specialist III/IV (545-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Chemical Engineer II-IV (541-378) Richland, Washington US
Civil Engineer IV (548-378) Charlotte, North Carolina US
Core Design Engineer II/III (570-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Electrical Engineer III/IV (411-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Electrical Engineer IV (564-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Engineer II/III (523-378) Lachine, Quebec CA
Engineer IV - Advisory Engineer (563-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Field Service Rep I-III (part-time) (467-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Field Service Rep IV - Principal Nuclear Plant Maintenance Specialist II (part-time) (182-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Fracture Mechanics Engineer IV - Advisory (571-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Hardware Design Engineer II/III (562-378) Mansfield, Massachusetts US
Integrated Outage Manager (516-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Integrated Outage Manager (557-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Manager, Equipment Reliability Improvement (572-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
NDE Technician IV Senior - NDE Advanced Technician Senior (531-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Planner/Scheduler IV (499-378) Kincardine, Ontario CA
Product Manager I-III (517-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Project Administrator I (temporary) (550-378) Kincardine, Ontario CA
Project Application Engineer II/III (561-378) Mansfield, Massachusetts US
Project Engineer I (573-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Project Manager I/II, Noncommercial (538-378) Richland, Washington US
Quality Technician II (567-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Sales Assistant/Project Coordinator Noncommerical (569-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Senior Project Manager (568-378) Lynchburg, Virginia US
Software Analyst I-III (537-378) Richland, Washington US
Software Analyst II-IV (532-378) Richland, Washington US

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